Who are we and what do we do

As a consulting agency and training organization, Regent Hospitality Consulting is the first and only company in Macedonia that successfully combines the two most important aspects of professional development in the hospitality industry: hands-on experience (learning by practice) and professional training and education. We develop training courses specifically for hotel and restaurant staff education and practical improvement, thus increasing the level of service quality with our clients.

As a training organization, in the past 10 years, we have delivered numerous successful workshops and training sessions, dedicated to strengthening the skills and knowledge of newly graduated students. We are continuously investing our efforts into closing the existing gap between the employers and the available young workforce in the industry. Our mentors help practitioners improve the personal and professional competences in on order to reach better positions on the labor market.

The consultants team in our organization is comprised of experts with minimum of 10 years of experience each, in the hospitality industry with practical experience as trainers and active participants in the real sector. Our lead consultants are certified trainers by the SHL – Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne, in the specific ares of expertise, with a proven track record of successful trainings delivered for renowned international companies.

Project associates

We’ve been involved in various projects which included improving of the standards in the tourism and hospitality industry, exchange of good practices, increasing the employment number, improving management skills of young entrepreneurs. We’ve created a relation between the tourism and hospitality industry and the educational institutions which resulted in exchange of young staff, implementation of proper standards, VET – Vocational and Educational Training and non-formal education.

Among our associates are World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EU Commission, Ministry of Economy, Economic Chamber of Maceodnia  and more.

What we offer as a host-organisation

Job Shadowing

In this partnering, we offer to provide you with all needed organizational and logistical details you will need to deal along the way, and creating an easier way to find the perfect job shadow opportunity.


As a consulting organization, we strive to share our knowledge and expertise in order to create a more viable working environment.


For all young staff that are in need of practical learning workspace, we will help in providing an opportunity for gaining experience in a specific field in the industry, creating a network of contacts and learning more about the desired job and its benefits.


All participants under mentorship will be given the opportunity to find their own way into the industry field with an expert mentor. This gives the participants the freedom of realizing their strengths and weaknesses along the way.

Training Courses

Regent Hospitality Consulting conducts training programs in the tourism and hospitality industry, helping all participants improving their skills and taking the industry to the next level. The training courses are conducted according to specific fields in the tourism and hospitality industry. Our lead and managing consultants are trained by the SHL – Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne, a unique centre of competence for practice-oriented Hospitality Management with national and international recognition.

Mobility host cities

Macedonia is a country filled with over thousand centuries old history and traditions, which is one of the most remarkable things in it’s culture. Three of the oldest cities in Macedonia still hold many historical monuments like churches, monasteries, unique architecture, archaeological findings and breathtaking sights. Each city has a different history, disconnected from the others which represents the life of the country.

Skopje – A city of tradition and culture

Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia, with over 2000 years of tradition and the heart of Macedonian’s history and culture.

Ohrid – the old city of light

Ohrid is one of the oldest settlements in Macedonia, its origin dates back to the antique period. Nowadays, the city is the most developed as well as the most attractive place for tourists in the Republic of Macedonia.

Krusevo – the highest town in Macedonia

Kruševo is a living museum, famous for its traditional architecture, cultural sites, and legacy as the site of the great 1903 Ilinden uprising against Ottoman domination.