Strengthening soft skills of businesswomen

Considering the current state in the hospitality sector, there are certain conditions which reflect on the real position the women managers hold in the hotel and hospitality industry. The environment in which the woman manager works in the hospitality industry is under the influence of the traditional understanding that female leaders are less included in the business world, thus lacking managing skills. Although from aspect of gender differentiation, this work position should not bring any difficulties, however, researches show that 70 per cent of women in this job position place do face difficulties. These issues can be noticed when it comes to guest communication as well as communication with employees.

Recognizing the need in the hospitality market, starting from 2018, Regent Hospitality will provide training for all women in the hotel manager work position. Special attention will be put on the female hotel managers located in the smaller cities, as well as the rural regions.

The purpose of the training courses is gaining and improving skills and knowledge, in order to achieve more successful communication, both with the guests and the employees in the hotel industry. The provided training will be an intensive course in acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Through interactive exercises and simulations of real situations, the training will be provided in frontal form in combination with demonstrative method.

The training will be delivered according the following methods:

  • Group discussions
  • Demonstration at the workplace
  • Gaining knowledge through examples
  • Dealing with simulated issues

Curriculum topics of the courses:

  • Appropriate behavior with guests
  • Required skills in the hospitality sector and their use
  • Dealing with guest complaints
  • Guest admission and communication
  • Respecting guest diversity
  • Teamwork and work position in the hotel
  • Process of communication
  • Giving and receiving information
  • Dealing with conflict situations

The purpose of this training is staff education and skills development in the appropriate sectors.
After the successful completion of the training program, the staff will gain knowledge and strengthen their soft skills (communication and interaction) with guests and employees, thus improving the overall degree of hospitality and service quality.